Old Money Nail Colors 2024: How To Make Your Nails Look Rich (2024)

Picturesque and royal. These are the terms that immediately strike when pondering upon old money.

And although more modern aesthetics has replaced it, we can’t get enough old money nails colors.

In this article, you will learn everything from the history of the old money aesthetic as a fashion inspiration to examples of rich nail colors and where you can find them.

Whether you love the retro style or want to make your nails look expensive, there is something for everyone!

We all love a good old money manicure, but it’s not always convenient – especially if you’re on the go most of the time.

With so many great tips and tricks, making your nails look fabulous at home is easier than ever!

What is The Old Money Aesthetic?

The“Old Money Aesthetic“refers to thenobility, thearistocracy, or therich upper classin general. These arepeople who haven’t earned their wealth themselvesbut have inherited it.

A motif of thisaestheticthat can hardly be overlooked is thesports of golf andtennis, which in most countries tend to beassociated with theupper class. Polo or other equestrian sports are also seen time and again.

By stamping these motifs, you can see thatit’s a timeless, very classicallychic stylethat exudes pureeleganceand enjoys excellent societal admiration.

And contrary to what you may think,the enthusiasm for this aesthetic can be observed in all generationsand even in the youngest fashion fans.

Because in truth, the hashtag#oldmoneyaesthetichasmore than 90 million viewsonTikTokworldwide, while#oldmoneyalready counts322 million.

So the trend is clear: fashion-wise, we’re finally moving back towardstimeless fashion. Fashion houses likeChaneland co. will surely be happy about that!

And when it comes to manicures, old money women love timeless classics like beige, white, or cream.

But if you go back, you will see that these weren’t always the most popular nail colors.

There was a time when the rich preferred a much bolder and flashier look. You will see that even though the old money aesthetic has evolved, it has remained timeless.

This is why you will still find the rich and famous rocking these nail looks today. Because these nail looks never go out of style, they are perfect for anyone who wants to look rich and elegant but doesn’t want to break the bank.

If you love the idea of an old-money look but want to switch it up with something a little more modern, there are plenty of options.

The Best Old Money Nail Colors

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Old Money Nail Colors 2024: How To Make Your Nails Look Rich (2)


The red nail will always be the most expensive-looking option for nail colors.

So if you want to look rich, this is the best nail color.

Red is a bold and vibrant color that will catch anyone’s attention.

Although this is not the most subtle color, it is perfect for anyone who wants to make a bold statement.

And even though red can be worn at any time of the year, it is best to save it for autumn and winter when it looks a little less summery.

You don’t want to overdo red because red is such a bold color. You want to keep the rest of your makeup relatively neutral and straightforward. Otherwise, it can look too overpowering.

The Minimalist French nail design

A French manicure is a way to go if you want to give your nails a rich and luxurious look without going overboard.

This timeless design is perfect for anyone who loves being on-trend but doesn’t want to do anything too bold.

The French manicure is also the most long-lasting design out there. This is the perfect design for those who want to look rich but don’t want to spend a fortune on their nails.

A French manicure is a classic look that has been around for decades and shows no sign of going out of style. Its subtle, timeless design is great for anyone who loves retro looks.

Pastel Tones

If you want a rich girl nail color but don’t want something too bright or bold, pastel tones are another great choice.

These muted and delicate colors can be found in everything from clothing to makeup and are a great way to look rich without drawing too much attention to your nails.

If you want to wear one of the more eye-catching colors but want to avoid going overboard, try a muted pink or a dusty lilac.

These tones still have the richness of a bold nail color but are easier to wear.

If you want to look rich but prefer to wear something more subtle, pastel tones are perfect. Don’t overdo it by pairing it with bold eyes or lips. Otherwise, it can look a little childish.

Neutral, Light Tones

A neutral or light tone is the way to go if you want something a little more subtle and classy.

These nail colors are perfect for those who love to keep it simple.

As neutral and light tones are not as eye-catching as other nail colors, they are great for anyone who wants to avoid bold colors.

And also, if you have a more significant event coming up and want to make your nails look a little more expensive, a neutral or light tone is perfect.

These nail colors are great for those who want to keep it classy but don’t want to wear a traditional color.

Light Pink Tones

If you want to wear a pink shade but don’t want it to be too bold, you’ll love light pink tones.

Light pink tones are subtle and elegant and are great for anyone who wants to look rich in a minimalistic, timeless way.

And also, if you love pink but want something a little different, try a light pink tone.

It’s not as bright as hot pink and is slightly more subtle.

Although bold, it is not as eye-catching as hot pink and is great for anyone who wants to look rich but doesn’t want to wear a more vibrant pink.

What Nail Colors Make You Look Rich?

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Old Money Nail Colors 2024: How To Make Your Nails Look Rich (4)

The best way to look rich is to go for a bold or vibrant color like red. There is nothing that screams rich like a bright color.

If you want a bold or vibrant color but are worried that it is too much, opt for a more neutral, timeless shade like a light, elegant pink shade.

Keep the rest of your makeup relatively simple if you want a bold or bright color. This will help to avoid looking too over the top.

What is the Classiest Nail Color?

If you want the most expensive-looking nail color, go for a red shade.

Red is incredibly striking and bold, making your nails look expensive.

Because red is such a bold and striking color, it is best to wear it with a simple and minimal makeup look.

While red is great for anyone who wants an expensive-looking nail color, it is best to save this shade for special occasions.


What are the colors of old money nails?

The colors of old money nails are beige, white, navy blue, sage green, and dark green. These colors are considered timeless and luxurious.

What are rich girl nails?

Rich girl nails are a manicure trend characterized by a perfectly polished and manicured look, often featuring a creamy, full-coverage nude color. The term was coined by celebrity manicurist Tom Bachik, who works with A-list clients such as Jennifer Lopez and Selena Gomez.

What is a lucky nail Colour?

Lucky nail color is a hue believed to bring good fortune or positive energy to the wearer based on their zodiac sign. According to horoscopes, each sign has its lucky colors, such as red and white for Aries, pink and blue for Taurus, and grey and blue for Virgo.

What nail colors represent prosperity?

Nail colors that represent prosperity include gold, red, green, and purple. These colors are believed to attract wealth and success and are often used in Feng Shui practices or manifestation techniques.

What are the lucky colours for money?

Lucky colors for money include red, yellow, green, orange, and gold. These colors are believed to attract wealth, abundance, and success and are often used in Feng Shui practices or manifestation techniques.

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Old Money Nail Colors 2024: How To Make Your Nails Look Rich (2024)


Old Money Nail Colors 2024: How To Make Your Nails Look Rich? ›

How to Get 'Old Money' Nails? To embody the elegance of 'Old Money' nails, gravitate toward classic colours such as deep burgundy, soft pinks and neutrals.

What Colour nails make you look rich? ›

These Are The 6 Nail Polish Colours That Make My Outfits Look...
  • Burgundy. (Image credit: @harrietwestmoreland) ...
  • Navy Blue. (Image credit: @harrietwestmoreland) ...
  • Cloudy Grey. (Image credit: @harrietwestmoreland) ...
  • Taupe. (Image credit: @betina_goldstein) ...
  • Forest Green. (Image credit: @harrietwestmoreland) ...
  • Sheer White.
Aug 10, 2023

What nail color is in trend for 2024? ›

Soft Pink

First up, 2024 will be all about soft pink shades. "The balletcore trend is set to make waves in the coming year in the beauty and fashion spaces," says Huber-Millet.

Which nail color looks elegant? ›

Brown. Whether you're wearing it as a nude or a neutral, brown nail polish is an elegant and classic shade that goes with anything, regardless of the time of year.

What color are old money nails? ›

Soft pinks, neutrals and occasional bursts of rich reds or deep blues define this aesthetic, offering an understated sense of luxury reminiscent of the effortlessly chic Princess Diana.

What nail polish attracts money? ›

Luna recommends using the color gold to manifest abundance. While you can also use green, "gold is better for attraction to enhance and draw these enhancements to you because it represents wealth and reminds us of [coins] as well as luxury," says Luna.

What shape is 2024 nail? ›

Get the look with one coat of Essie's Sheer Fantasy then paint your tips with Blanc," says Stone, who notes square nails might also pop up in other ways this spring. "When it comes to shape, an elongated almond is here to stay. But we're also seeing short and squared off return to mainstream.

What nail color attracts guys? ›

The answer to this question can vary depending on personal preferences, but generally, guys tend to like natural or classic colors for nails. This includes shades like nude, light pink, and red. These colors give off a clean and put-together look that is attractive to many guys.

What is the quiet luxury nail trend? ›

TikTok's latest 'stone nails' are the quiet-luxury manicure to try this spring. Alix Earle is a fan. Spring nail colors usually call to mind pastels like lilac, baby pink, and light yellow.

What nail color is classiest? ›

“I would say a milky pink [think Chanel's Ballerina], due to the trend of quiet luxury,” says Kandalec. “Or if someone is a gel/enhancement girlie, I'd say an autumnal red that's deeper and more brown based versus a classic red [like CND's Classic Lipstick], or a French manicure with thin, classic white tip.”

What is the rich girl nail trend? ›

"Rich girl" nails don't necessarily have to be nude in tone—they just have to be neutral to effortlessly go with everything. With this in mind, a subtle, shimmery white nail look can qualify as a "rich girl" manicure, too.

Should my nails and toes match? ›

No, it's simply a matter of personal taste and preferences. I've seen people wearing a different color polish on each finger nail and each toenail: 20 different colors! So if you want to wear one color on your nails and a different color on your toenails, go for it.

What is the classiest color? ›

but why black is considered the classiest and most elegant color. Black is a color that doesn't follow the law of trends. Black is always a trend. The different styles may be more or less fashionable depending on the time, but having class it's timeless, just like black.

What nail colour makes you look younger? ›

Bright Colors and Youthful Appearance

Vibrant shades like orange-based reds and corals are especially effective in bringing a youthful appearance to the hands and skin. They add a pop of energy and a fun, carefree vibe to your overall look.

What color are rich girl nails? ›

"Rich girl" nails don't necessarily have to be nude in tone—they just have to be neutral to effortlessly go with everything. With this in mind, a subtle, shimmery white nail look can qualify as a "rich girl" manicure, too.

What nails are considered classy? ›

12 Classy Nail Designs That Will Always Be In Style
  • Natural nude.
  • Creamy white French manicure.
  • Sage green geometrics.
  • Old English script.
  • Pastel pink swirls.
  • Dainty daisies.
  • Gold and white marble.
  • Clever and classy chess.
Jan 24, 2024

What nail color is good for positivity? ›

Yellow : Signifies positivity and fun. It gives off a high-energy vibe or someone going through a positive life change.

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